The completely renovated and modernised ex-factory hall with its unique industrial loft character provides a direct connection to the A555 autobahn, the first autobahn in Germany leading you en route to the famous Nürburgring racing track in less than 45 minutes. Cologne-Bonn airport is just 15 minutes away.

Via the autobahn you can quickly reach regions in the Eifel, at the Rhine or in the Bergisches Land popular with both car drivers and motorcyclists.

The hall is outside the low emission zone and can thus be reached by all vehicles without any problem.

In front of the hall there is plenty of parking space.

Postal address:
Klassikloft Köln
Niels Thormählen
Wankelstrasse 40
50996 Cologne

Address for SatNav:
Klassikloft Köln
Mannesmannstr. 3
50996 Cologne

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