Klassikloft is not a simple parking garage: it is only accessible to you as a paid-up club member. The vehicles are stored safely, securely and professionally.

Vehicles are moved exclusively within the Klassikloft with the aid of an electrical car-mover, the “Stringo”. You always retain the keys to your vehicle.

While your car is in storage all your individual customer needs are ensured. Whenever you wish, your car will be made ready and delivered to the hand-over hall.

Working in cooperation with professional partners, Klassikloft will take care of all your concerns regarding the maintenance of your classic or sports car, so that you have more time to devote yourself to your hobby. Our main aim is to enable you to have maximum, carefree enjoyment of your vehicle.

Klassikloft is the hotspot for vintage car tours and spins in your sportscar. Our clubroom provides a central meeting place to chat with likeminded car enthusiasts.

The completely renovated and modernised ex-factory hall provides an exclusive loft atmosphere.

Up to 115 vintage and sportscars can be accommodated in an area of approximately 2,000 sq.m.

Vehicles can be picked up and delivered 24/7 via a separate 6 x 3m handover hall which is only accessible to our tenants.


Professional car moving-tool Stringo allows the cars to be moved around safely without the need to start the engine or even require the key.


A fully equipped service area in the handover hall allows the possibility to clean and polish your car yourself or have this done by entrusted personnel.


An approximately 35 sq.m large clubroom with a ceiling to ground window provides an impressive view of the vehicles accommodated below.


A variety of car-related items, a library and hot and cold beverages create the right ambience to relax and chat with other car-lovers.

There is also a bathroom/WC and a kitchenette.